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Mammalian Organ Set Images

Note: This post has dissection images of mammal (cow/sheep) organs; brain, eye, heart, and kidney. If you don't want to see images of this, don't continue...

All diagrams were prepared by my colleague, Beth Wolfer. Teachers are welcome to use these images (copyright, like everything on the site is CC BY-NC-SA...basically, you can use however you want as long as you don't sell it and you openly share anything you make from it).

For our anatomy classes, we print these diagrams, laminate them, and distribute to students during the dissections. Students have digital copies available as well. There is also a corresponding review game available for study.

Brain - External

external brain labeled picture

Brain - Internal

internal brain labeled picture


eye dissection labeled pictures

Heart - External

external heart labeled picture

Heart - Internal

internal heart labeled pictures


internal kidney labeled picture

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