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Heredity is the passing of traits from generation to generation. The primary unit of heredity is the gene. For these simulations, the fictional organisms reproduce sexually and have two copies of each gene. 

Heredity I allows students to study the inheritance pattern for two traits; eye color and the presence of a tail. Eye color can be either black or white and individuals either have a tail or are tailless. The simulation can be used to run monohybrid or dihybrid crosses.

Heredity II tests the inheritance pattern of a trait for either fluffy or smooth fur.

Heredity III tests the inheritance of fur color, which has five possible phenotypes. The inheritance demonstrated here is more complex than in the Heredity I or Heredity II simulations.

Heredity IV tests the inheritance of eye color (same as in Heredity I) and the presence of the pinna, an external ear structure.

Results for each of the heredity simulations can be used for casual comparisons or for statistical analysis.

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