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Ecology is the study of ecosystems. An ecosystem is all of the living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) factors in an environment. Inquiry based labs allow students to develop and test their own questions through manipulation of variables. Sample worksheets are available for classroom use.

The Biodiversity simulation randomly produces a biological community that can be used to practice quantifying biodiversity. 

The Competition simulation explores the competitive exclusion principle using two species that share a food source. This simulation allows for student inquiry.

The Macroinvertebrates simulation allows students to study biodiversity or simulate the use of macroinvertebrates to determine water quality.


The Population Dynamics simulation allows students to study the changes in population size for three organisms in a simple food chain; a producer, a herbivore, and a carnivore. This is an inquiry-based lab.

The Soil Texture simulation can be used to practice identifying soil texture types. 


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