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About Biology Simulations

Biology Simulations LLC is a website that helps students learn about biology and practice data analysis skills. The simulations all have random components, so there will likely be some variation to quantitative results each time the activities are run. In addition, many are designed to be used for inquiry opportunities. 

The available resources can be modified to work with different groups. While teachers are welcome to use the prepared worksheets, they should feel free to make adjustments or design their own to create a lesson that works for their situation. All materials are open educational resources and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0.


Code stuff: The simulations on Biology Simulations are created using HTML5 and JavaScript. This means that the simulations can run on any device with internet access (NO FLASH required). Currently, while the simulations will work on any device, the format is not optimized for mobile phones. CreateJS is used for most of the graphics and plotly.js is used to produce the graphs. The games are produced using Phaser 3

See the site blog for more information about the simulations and site updates.

This site and the simulations are designed by Jolene Pappas, a high school biology teacher at Batavia High School in Batavia, OH. She has a B.S. in Genetic Biology from Purdue University, an M.A.T. in Life Science Education from Miami University, and an M.Ed in Educational Technology from Miami University. She is certified 7-12 Life Science in Ohio with a Computer/Technology endorsement.


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