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Heredity III: Fur Color

This simulation can be used to test the inheritance of color in a fictional organism. There are five different possible phenotypes. The inheritance of color in this organism demonstrates more complex inheritance than the Heredity I or Heredity II simulations. This particular population does not display the same degree of sexual dimorphism as observed in the Heredity I and Heredity II populations. In this case, the only observable difference is that males are slightly larger than females. 

To start the simulation, click on a pair to select those phenotypes for the P generation. All P generation organisms are assumed to be true-breeding (homozygous). After selecting the P generation, F1 generation data will be displayed at the top of the page. Then, click on the F1 cross at the bottom of the simulation to produce the F2. The F2 results will be displayed at the top of the simulation. 

For an explanation of the inheritance for this trait, see the Heredity III blog post.

Worksheet and virtual lab options to accompany this simulation are available.

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