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X-linked Heredity

The second heredity simulation is up and running. The first simulation allows students to test two autosomal traits. This simulation examines an X-linked trait. The simulation again focuses on a fictional organism. The trait has two alleles; fluffy fur and smooth fur. Fluffy is dominant to smooth.

P generation selection for a heredity simulation
P generation selection

After clicking on a P generation pair, the F1 generation data is displayed. Students then select the F1 cross to get the F2 generation data. All data has randomized components, so individual students or groups will get their own unique data. The data can be used for casual comparison or for statistical analysis.

F2 generation results for a heredity simulation
F2 generation results

I have plans to complete at least one more heredity simulation that will offer some additional inheritance analysis. There are also plans to complete worksheets for the existing heredity simulations. There will be multiple versions of the worksheets that are appropriate for different levels. At least one will focus on simply comparing observed and expected percentages. There will also be at least one that utilizes a chi-squared statistical test. As always, teachers are welcome to use these simulations to make their own lessons to fit the specific needs of your classes.

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