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Introducing Games

There is a new! Really, it's just one game for now. There is no direct biology educational value to it. It was mostly just an experiment for me to see if I could get a game setup working, but the idea is to give my AP class a little fun. The game was made using Phaser 3 and is based on an introductory tutorial. At this time, the game is not mobile-friendly.

Screenshot of AP Biology game
A quick game for AP Biology students (and anyone else)

The game is a simple platform setup, where the player can run and jump in a classroom. The player gets 10 points for each lab book and text book collected and loses 40 points when they are hit by a stress monster or cat meme. The player wins when they reach 400 points or loses when they drop below 0.

Archaeopteryx science classroom painting
Back corner of my classroom

The classroom in the game is based on my own. The Archaeopteryx sigil on the wall was designed by Molly Grisanti (one of my students), and was painted on my wall following the AP Biology exam in 2016. I've pretty much adopted it as my personal logo. Archaeopteryx is considered a transition from dinosaur to modern dinosaur (bird). The phrase "The Test is Coming" was a collaboration between my 2015-2016 AP Biology class and me. It is obviously a play on the House Stark words "Winter is Coming" from Game of Thrones. While teachers never want to be completely test focused, the AP tests are never far from thoughts for AP students or teachers. I like to think of this motto in a more general sense as is always testing us in one way or another. More often than not, the tests we face are not traditional school written exams.

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