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In the works: Heredity

My next project is a heredity simulation. Like the rest of the simulations here, it will use fictional examples and will provide randomized data for several cross scenarios. Students will be able to choose different crosses, and each run will produce F1 and F2 data. Data will be suitable for general analysis or more in-depth analysis (using Chi squared). I plan to have autosomal dominant/recessive represented first, and will expand to include examples of x-linked and epistasis. This is probably a project that is going to take a while. While a lot of code can be reused in different crosses, each possible outcome needs to be accounted for. I will likely post in sections, rather than as one large simulation.

Heredity simulation testing an autosomal trait
An early trial of the heredity simulation

In the first scenario, I plan to have two traits to choose from, each with two phenotypes (black eyes/white eye and tailless/tail). For this scenario, there are visual differences between males and females (same setup from the sexual selection simulation).

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Sep 25, 2021

Greeat reading your post


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