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Coming Soon: Natural Selection

I have been working on a new natural selection simulation. Instead of being based on student selection of parameters, this one will let students play the part of a predator as they catch prey in different environments. It is similar in function to the peppered moths simulation, but will have three environments instead of two.

Child testing a natural selection simulation
Testing the natural selection simulation on a 4th grader.

In honor of Computer Science Education Week, here's a little bit of the current JavaScript code for the simulation...

JavaScript code for natural selection simulation
A small sample of the natural selection simulation code

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Jolene Pappas
Jolene Pappas
Jul 15, 2020

skarafit, check out the population genetics simulation for more control in selecting variables, including allele frequencies, population size, and number of generations.


Jul 02, 2020

A way to make this lab even better, would be to allow the population to evolve from one generation to the next. And allow the student to set p. and q. for the first generation or set it at 0.5 for reach) The habitat could have a carrying capacity of 50. Each generation would pick up with the allele frequencies of the last.


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