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The simulations on Biology Simulations are created using JavaScript. CreateJS is used for graphics and plotly.js is used to produce the graphs. The simulations all have random aspects, so there will often be variations between trials. If two students are completing the same activity, there will likely be some variation to their quantitative results.

These simulations were designed with 9th grade biology classes in mind. Many of the worksheets were developed for 9th grade Honors Biology classes. While the target audience is high school, a wider audience could use the simulations with appropriate instruction.


The available resources can be modified to work with different groups. Independent students could design their own studies without depending on teacher made worksheets at all. While teachers are welcome to use the prepared worksheets, they should feel free to make adjustments or design their own to create a lesson that works for their situation. 

See the site Blog for more information about the simulations and site updates.

This site and the simulations are designed by Jolene Pappas, a biology teacher at Batavia High School in Batavia, OH. She teaches AP Biology and 9th grade biology as well as a genetics elective. She has also taught Environmental Science, Anatomy, and Forensics. She has a B.S. in Genetic Biology from Purdue University and an M.A.T. in Life Science Education from Miami University. 


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